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Space Alpha: Where we are, and What is Next

We’re happy to share that Space has reached its Alpha release, and with that we’re ready to move on to the next challenges that will take us to our Beta!

Today we’re going to speak a little bit about what this actually means for our platform, where we are at right now, and what our goals are to reach our next milestone.

As a little reminder, we’re building Space! An open source file storage, sharing, and collaboration platform built on the distributed web. The perks of it? Unlike traditional cloud storage platforms -like Google Drive- Space is private, user-owned, encrypted, and peer-to-peer. Your storage is yours, and no one else’s. You can learn more about it here.

The Alpha: File sharing and storage.

Onto the Space alpha! This release contains the core desktop app Space experience, which is focused on private and distributed file storage and sharing.

At this moment, you can use Space to share files safely via peer-to-peer, store encrypted local copies of your files, or backup your storage using Space’s distributed nodes built on IPFS, Textile, Filecoin.

We have reached a point where we are happy with how this core experience works, and we’re ready to get some feedback from users to fine-tune our road to beta!

If you want to join our early access, and share your thoughts, sign up for it. We’re inviting early access users to join us in testing the desktop app on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Now that the baseline is set, let’s talk a little about what comes next.

Road to Beta: Browser version.

Space's Open Beta

The next steps down the road are exciting! Now that the core of Space is set, we are going to switch lanes into our next challenges.

First off, we have started working on our Browser experience. We built Space to be easily ported to a web experience, but there is some work we must do to ensure the distributed web stack (Space Daemon) adapts well to that context.

This first step will mean a lot in terms of making distributed web experiences available for everyone, and we think that together with mobile support, it will be key to making them universal.

Next in line is setting the grounds for Space Pro! We’re getting the platform ready to handle subscriptions for those looking to get extra storage space on Space’s distributed storage nodes.

For that, we’re taking a privacy-friendly approach by providing diverse options for sign ins, and payments. For the first, we’ll provide passwordless email signups, and explore new methods like crypto wallets. For payments, we will accept both card and crypto payments.

Overall, these features mentioned above will make up for our main road to the open beta. There are more things in store, like sharing files via email, and some changes in the design/interface that will come up as we continue to gather feedback from our community.

After these, and with the open beta in place, we’ll be able to explore file/collaboration tools for Space. This will be a great test on how introducing new apps and tools for Space will work in the future.

Our timeline to the Open Beta

Space's Open Beta

It’s an understatement to say that the team’s excited. The release of Space’s alpha is a great milestone for us, and we’re picking up the speed for the next step in making the perks of the distributed web available for everyone!

We expect to have an update on the Open Beta in the upcoming weeks. At the moment, we are focused on polishing down details, listening to users, and preparing ourselves to tackle the challenges we talked about above. It’s going to be solid work, but we’re confident and super excited about it.

In the meantime, we’d love to invite you once again to join our community, and embark on this journey with us. There’s a lot of opportunities to collaborate. Whether you have an idea for an open source app for Space, or feedback for the platform, reach out! We’d be happy to chat and work it out with you.

Big thanks to Textile, Protocol Labs, and their amazing teams! Their constant support and feedback continues to help pave the way for the growth of this -and many more- Dweb platforms. We had a wonderful time at HackFS, Apollo, and Tachyon🚀